Golfing Near Kingston

Looking for something a bit different for the kids in the summer holidays? There is plenty of sport on offer in the Kingston borough area including golf. If you think you have a budding Tiger Woods on your hands or just fancy making the most of the nice weather while it is here then you could travel the short distance to Cobham, approximately 8 miles from Kingston and accessible by public transport. Here you will find Silvermere Golf and Leisure which is open to anybody on a pay and play basis. In a beautiful setting on the lakeside, they run various award schemes for children starting from the Bronze award leading to the Elite Award for the aspiring professionals. Lessons are held on Thursdays and Saturdays and are designed to lead on to the award scheme.

Golf as exercise

Golf is great exercise for everyone and your kids will be doing a lot of walking without even realising it as they focus on hitting those balls on their way around the course. Golfers require flexibility and strength in key parts of the body including legs, abs and arms. Plus, if you take your children to golf lessons, who knows where it could lead? There are many careers in the golf industry, not just playing the game, but also owning and running a golf course, hosting golf tournaments, owning a golf franchise or even a golfing shop.

Summer Camps

silvermere golf

For the summer months, why not book onto one of their summer camps. There are available starting on July 25th and they run every Wednesday and every Friday from 10.00am to 3.00pm. The camps are run by Lee Morris – a PGA professional who has been coaching for over fourteen years – and will teach the children every aspect of the game. The cost is £45 each day and this includes all equipment and lunch as well. To book contact them on 01932 584303.

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